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Pete and sons chimney cleaners

Inspection and Cleaning

Several warning signs may come unnoticeable until a major chimney problem takes place. Because of this, enlisting our professional chimney cleaning services can be very beneficial in the long run. Not only will these trained technicians detect potential and existing issues, they will also provide the necessary cleaning service for your peace of mind–be it chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, or flue cleaning.

Pete and sons chimney installations


Whether you want to install a chimney liner to repair an inefficient chimney flue, a new flashing to prevent water leakage from damaging your chimney, or chimney linings for efficient and safer fireplace, we got your needs covered! We have designed our services to deliver more than just cozy aesthetics, and have gathered a fully qualified team of chimney flue installers to provide chimney installations of any kind.

Pete and sons stucco repair, chimney installations

Restorations and Rebuilding

Cracked chimney linings? Chimney falling apart? Need chimney leak repair services? Chimney fittings are subject to a lot of stress and moisture which cause them to deteriorate over time. At Pete & Sons Chimney Services, we make sure they are restored to their good working condition to keep you warm and safe during the cold winter period.

Pete and sons chimney cleaners

Obstruction and Wildlife Removal

Removing blockages, soot, and creosote build-up from your chimney liner or firebox is a necessity. Remember that if your chimney has no cap, the more it becomes a convenient place of shelter for racoons, squirrels and bats. Meanwhile, soot and creosote which are highly flammable particles accumulate from over time from burning of wood. It is important to keep your chimney free from all these blockages and build-up to ensure safety and improve efficiency!

Pete and sons stucco repair and chimney installations

Routine Maintenance

Most homeowners opt to have their chimneys cleaned once a year, as advised by fire prevention experts. This should include removal of deposit build-up and keeping the whole system at peak performance. Though major issues may come sooner than expected, our maintenance services prevents more expensive repairs and even property loss!